Case Study - Pinterest Management E-Commerce Red Roan Signs

Social Media Management E-Commerce Case Study 

I have had the pleasure of working with Red Roan Signs for about a year now as I am gathering data for this e-commerce case study.

I thought I would share a before and after type blog post with some details of where we started in our Pinterest journey and where we are today. 

Red Roan Signs specializes in handmade wooden signs in the farmhouse home decor niche. She has a wide variety of custom design products and unique pieces that range from newlyweds gifts to realtor gits, to decorative home decor pieces like pantry signs, bedroom wood signs, and bathroom towel hooks. 

When I had started working on her account she had been pinning for a few months and had a few dozen of her own product pins circulating the Pinterest atmosphere gaining a little traction here and there. 

The owner, Katie, started by purchasing the Pinterest Revamp Package, where we did an overhaul on her profile, worked on her branding, SEO, keywords, boards, profile, and more. 


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Here are some visuals of what Red Roan Signs looked liked once we gave it a little facelift and adding some branding touches with board covers and more target market-related pins... 



E-commerce Pinterest Management

 Worked on getting some branded cover photos and implementing more grey and red pins in more where we could. Also filled out all the board descriptions with keywords and touched up your profile name and description. 


E-commerce Pinterest Management



Here I share a few "before" screenshots of where her Pinterest business profile was before getting started....


Also wanted to briefly mention that when we first started our pinning relationship Red Roan Signs was solely on Etsy, so this screenshots will show no "direct" stats as we cannot connect Etsy shops to Pinterest business profiles to track direct clicks....


 E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


 In July of 2017 Red Roans average daily impressions were about 480 viewers....


E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


 The average daily repins were about 5 pins a day....



E-Commerce Pinterest Management Case Study Stats


 And she averaged about 1 click on her overall pins in one day.




Once the profile was set up for success the real work began

Over the course of the next few months, Katie gave me free reign to grow her account. I would check periodically with stats and let her know how things were going and just worked in the background all my Pinterest magic


Which brings us to the "after" Pinterest stats and screenshots....



E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats



 In September of 2018, Red Roan averages about 7.1 million monthly viewers...



E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


 With about 195,000 daily overall impression and about 140,000 viewers....



E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats



 Red roans averages about 1,300 repins every single day 



E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


 And overall now receives about 400 clickthroughs a day....




As you can see it's quite an increase in the last year! 

With a consistent pinning strategy in place and a dedicated pinning strategy, we were able to reach this major milestone and get this business profile to a place where it is constantly getting click-throughs to the website. 

This was all done WITHOUT any ads. None. 




In the meantime of all this pinning, Katie launched her BRAND NEW standalone website Red Roan Signs, it's less than 90 days old and has been doing GREAT since launch! 


| You can check Red Roan Signs out here!


With the launch of her Shopify shop, we were able to add buyable pins to the mix and also start seeing more direct shop stats and click-throughs from the Pinterest analytics tab.  


E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


September averaged about 165,000 daily impressions on direct Red Roan pins and with about 118,000 eyeballs seeing direct product or blog post content pins for Red Roan Signs.  



E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


With an average of 700 repins a day... 



E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats


 And over 350 daily clicks to the website from Pinterest alone. Which is a GREAT number for the e-commerce side of Pinterest. 


I  also wanted to include the clickthroughs on Shopify's end so you can see what it looks like (please note the difference in click counts, both sites do NOT report 100% accurately, Pinterest has been known through the entire summer to be going through major updates and glitches and not recording stats correctly, days at a time are missing from the overall picture)...


E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats  


E-Commerce Social Media Management Case Study Stats



So I know I don't really go into detail of what I did to get from point A to point B BUT I will be sharing just that in my upcoming ebook that will be launching in the VERY near feature. 

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I will share in detail (I actually mean DETAILED reports, like how many pins each month in my tailwind queue, her direct pin ratio to third-party pins, how many pins to tribes, tribe success/failure, group board stats, etc.) EVERYTHING that went into the strategy of getting this account to the successful state it is in today). 


I do share some of my strategy in my three-part blog series which can be found here....


I have quite a few more case studies to share with you all in different niches too! Sign up for that newsletter and stay tuned for those as well! 


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