Quick and Easy Way to Gain More Sales Using Buyable Pins for Pinterest - Plus 4 Bonus Added Perks!

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How to Gain Sales Using Pinterest Buyable Pins

Pinterest doesn't JUST have to be a social media platform driving traffic to your shop or blog, but it can also be a SALES CHANNEL. 

On average, Pinterest users spend more money per order than users on any other social media platform. Their average order is $50.

Buyable pins are avialbe on platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Demandware. (another great reason to hop on over to your own platform to create your own shop other than etsy!)

Adding Pinterest as a sales channel for your online shop allows your products to be sold directly without users being redirected to your storefront.

Although this may decrease the number of clicks your shop gets directly through Pinterest, it also reduces the number of steps a customer has to take in order to make a purchase.

This is great for those impulse buyers out there browsing the deep land of pitnerest!

Pinterest buyable pins provide a quicker seamless transaction. 

Make More Sales On Pinterest with Buyable Pins

Imagine this - - 

Your shopper is browsing through pins looking for home decor ideas, blog tips and tricks, or new fashion trends, and they come across your MUST HAVE TRENDY *****, they have to get their fingers on it, and we all know the quicker and the easier the better! 

Your shopper can buy with the click of a button and go right back to pinning their next cocktail recipe for their next girls night (or is this just me ha?!)...

The checkout process is swift, secure, and optimized for mobile users. Users can buy products with their card, or other options like Apple Pay.

The is no fees as well, the shop owner receives 100% of the entire order purchased. 

You can start using Pinterest as a sales channel on your Shopify store by enabling Pinterest Sales Channel in your shop settings. 

Once your Shopify and Pinterest accounts are linked and Pinterest approves your request, (the request should happen within 24-48 hours, but usually quicker) any products that have been pinned from your store will become Pinterest buyable pins. 

This will also automatically synchronize orders, products, and customers between Pinterest and your Shopify dashboard, making it very easy to manage any sales via Pinterest, as you don’t have to manage your store and inventory in multiple places.

Once you’re set up on to sell on Pinterest, customers will be able to:

  1. view all your listings photos (not just the first image) BONUS!
  2. view the product price (never guess what prices are) BONUS!
  3. select variants including color and size, if applicable BONUS!
  4. click “Buy It” to purchase and checkout directly on Pinterest BONUS!

How to Increase sales on Pinterest Bonus Tips

These added bonuses are just for certain ecommerce platforms, like Shopify, where my shop and blog are hosted. I love that all my Pinterest buyable pins have multiple images per pin too! 

Once the order is placed, you will receive shipping details and payment just like through any other sales channel in your order que. 

The set up process is quick and easy! 

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