I Set Up a Business Pinterest Account....Now What?! (Second Post in Pinterest Blog Series)

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Pinterest Marketing  

So you set up your business Pinterest profile and got it looking PERFECT, set up your SEO, and are kicking back with a glass of wine waiting for all the magic to start happening....NOPE!

Sorry, it's not that easy!

Now the real work begins...

There is only one secret to mastering Pinterest to drive traffic to your site...

PIN! Pinnnnnnn...P-I-N ----- and pin some more!

Pin 20-30 times a day...and pin some more if you have time.

But what do you pin you ask? Below are some tips and info to help you stay on track. Because you can't just pin all the pretty things and hope for the best. You have to have a strategy in place. It will take time and consistency. But it WILL BE WORTH IT.

Nothing communicates as effectively as a picture…after all a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content marketing has become the most powerful form of storytelling that a business can offer their target audience. If you can’t say it in words show an image.

Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have gone on the record that pictures are the key attributes to getting more shares and views.

Our brains love visuals and processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Here are a few compelling facts according to Ethos3:

1. Social media users are 40 percent more likely to share visual content than other types of content.

2. 90% of online shoppers said they find videos helpful when making purchase decisions.

3. It’s 50x easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than other content types.

4. Infographics can improve website traffic by 12%. 

5. 90% of the information your brain receives is visual.

6. 65% of people are visual learners.

Did you know that the mobile audience on Pinterest has grown to 80%? (The Guardian)

What that means to you is that your images have to be mobile friendly or you restrict your likelihood or getting repins or going viral.  Do you know how Pinterest displays differently on an IPhone vs. an Android phone?

On Pinterest you can pin or upload images that are at least 100 pixels and no more than 10mb. But you really want to avoid tiny images because they just don’t get as much engagement as those that are at least 735 pixels in width. According to Pinterest when you upload pins that are more than 736 pixels it’s often clunky to upload. There is a lot to know, you can’t wing it.

Pretty images works wonders on Pinterest but a lot of it is science as well. MORE INFO/RESOURCE

The Mix Pitnerest Tips and Tricks SEO Business Profile

For Ecommerce here are additional ways to dramatically improve the performance of your visual content:

  1. Design vertical images that are sized at least 735 x 1300 pixels with 1900 pixels maximum in length.
  2. The colors red, pink, and purple seem to promote repinning, while green, blue, black, and yellow seem to suppress it. (Plos One)
  3. Informative pins are up to 30% more engaging than other pins. (Pinterest)
  4. Using some simple text on top of the image to quickly describe the pin helps. (Pinterest)
  5. Use multiple images within a pin like tutorials, guides, DIY and how-to pins. These types of pins see a 42% higher click through rate.
  6. Pins related to trending topics see an average of 94% increase in click throughs.
  7. Rich Pins drove 20% more engagement per Pin compared to those without the rich product information.
  8. Search engines can’t see your pictures so include file names on your images that contain targeted keywords. You will get much better search performance with “wedding-hair-ideas.jpg” than you will with “DSC001234.jpg.” You’d be surprised how many Pinners don’t bother with pin descriptions. This way when someone pins your images from a blog or website using Pinterest’s browser button, by default the image alt text is what is going to be used as the pin description.
  9. Images with multiple colors get repinned 3.25 times more than the ones with a single dominant color.
  10. Medium lightness is repinned 20x more than very dark images. Don’t post images that are too light or too dark, stay natural.
  11. 50% color saturation receives a whopping 10 times more repins than images totally de-saturated.
  12. Red beats blue. The winning combination is red, orange and brown as these images are receiving 2 times the number of repins as the blue ones.
  13. Images with less than 10% background get 2-4x repins than images more than 40% of white space.
  14. Avoid human faces. Images without faces sport almost 25% more repins. Only 20% of images on Pinterest feature a face.
  15. Images with a smooth texture are repinned 17x more than images with a rough texture.
  16. Product images that have an authentic setting meaning “lifestyle images” versus a white background drive 159% more likes and repins. Help your audience visualize what they can do with your products ideally from your customer’s perspective. Show your products in real action.
  17. High-resolution images are a must. Please don’t cut corners on this.
  18. Show close-ups of the product’s details. Get a plugin for a mouse-over zoom.
  19. Does your image help Pinners determine the actual size of your product?
  20. Show different angles of your product.
  21. Color images receive more attention than black and white. (Column Five)
  22.  For local based business feature popular landmarks and helpful tips for your target audience. For example, if you’re a wedding planner you can take pictures of places where brides can get their gowns, wedding favors, limousine rentals and so forth.
  23. . Infographics baby!

Anna from White Glove Social Media has some great info on stay current with the trends...

Christmas The Mix Pinterest

As soon as a particular holiday or event is over that’s when we need to start rearranging our boards and begin featuring the next holiday. Doing so gives your Pinterest page a boost. Why?

You see Pinterest boards are like window displays that you see in stores at the shopping mall.

Notice how the window displays at the mall are always a step ahead of the next season or holiday or event like back to school. And also how quickly they change to the next one when the time is right? They want to keep things fresh and relevant, plus they want to attract eyes balls with new colors and styles and shapes. They want to draw people in to make sales.

This is a proven, sales building merchandising strategy.  You are doing the same thing with Pinterest.

Image your board are like window displays. And everybody is walking by.  What do you want them to see?

If it’s the month of November you would expect to find winter clothing displays right? Therefore a makeover of your boards in October with an eye towards staying current with the latest trends & seasons will definitely get more eyes on your Pinterest page and get you more followers too.

Shoppers are shoppers are shoppers whether they are looking at a window display in the physical world or your Pinterest boards in the digital world.

WARNING: If you are not current and you don’t grab their attention you just lost a potential customer.

Empowering your boards with this seasonal merchandising strategy will help you not only stay current and appeal to the collective shopping mindset prevalent at the time, in addition as a side effect you end up driving more traffic back to your website too.

In addition, according to http://www.10alike.com (formerly Pinerly) pins featuring trending topics (seasons) see a 94% increase in click-through-rates! Imagine that! 94% Right now – think about that.

With this kind of information, 94% more click throughs it is easy to see why making adjustments seasonally is important to help keep you “on trend” as much as possible.

This means, making adjustments throughout the year. If you are prominently displaying Christmas recipes & stuff in January you have to ask yourself; is that really effective?

The solution: make sure that on your Pinterest page the next trending holiday is featured before it starts.

More gold from Anna...

The Mix Pinterest Business Profile Help Tips Tricks

I also see business after business on Pinterest creating boards solely focused on their products and services. And they have no boards; I mean not even one board – nada – that appeals to a wider audience. This is a major mistake to be avoided at all costs, read on to see why.

Pinterest is not just a digital platform put them so you can just show stuff & try to sell stuff.

Listen up…Pinterest is about much more than that.

It’s about creating theme boards on topics related to your target audience’s:

  1. goals
  2. aspirations
  3. problems
  4. fears
  5. needs
  6. values
  7. etc

It is about providing them with content around those items in a helpful, social way.

Kids Activities The Mix Pinterest

Your goal is to pin images that show them how to do something; easier, or faster, or better. Images that will help them solve their problems.

Look at your target audience like this… as human beings we all have something in common.

We all love food.

Not only do we need it to nourish our bodies but it brings people together. That’s why we have pot lucks and on special occasions the food is the center of attention.

Do this right now: ask yourself, which holiday or “observances” do you think your audience will most resonate with? Is it; summer or winter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, the US Open or the Super Bowl?

This is especially important to do if you’re an E Commerce company, especially in the early stages of building followers.

When a pinner comes across your boards you have a better chance of being followed if you share common interests outside of what your business offers/sells.

Example: if you sell golf clubs why not pin some infographics on; how to hit the ball straighter, or how to be a better putter or how to warm up before a game?  Topics that will interest your target audience and at the same time topics that are not directly related to selling your stuff.

The more helpful you are the more followers you attract, which sends more traffic to your site, which in the end helps you make the more sales.  Do you see the success formula?

Just think of it as indirect selling more than direct selling and that thought will keep you focused on helpfulness.

So the bottom line is: you need to have trending boards.

You have two choices for creating a trending board:

  1. You can create a new board and pin a minimum of five images. Ten is better because it will give your audience a deeper taste of your style/content. Remember a) to pin from different sources and b) to pin during the times that you’re target audience is on Pinterest to give you maximum exposure.

  1. A second option which is actually the easier & saves you time is to rename one of your existing boards. For the sake of this example I will choose NFL Super Bowl. Go Broncos! 

Let’s say you have a board called Christmas Recipes.

Here are the steps I want you to follow to change it so it matches the Super Bowl trending event:

1) Rename your “Christmas Recipes” board “Super Bowl Recipes”.

2) Start adding 1 or 2 new topic relevant images day by day on your Super Bowl Recipes board.

Listen Up! Common Mistake to Avoid: Don’t just dump a bunch of pictures in one sitting.

Pinners don’t want you clogging up their Pinterest feed (which means your followers don’t want to be bombarded by your images on any given day).  If you do you run a great risk of losing followers.

Being too keen is never a good thing on Pinterest. 

Read my previous blog post to get a good idea/strategy on pinning habits...

Pin throughout the entire day, use Tailwind to find the best times to pin for your target market.

3) Change your cover board color to be the same color theme as the rest of your boards. Remember to look at your boards like window displays.

You want them to complement each other and to be in harmony with your theme and brand colors. Pinterest is a visual experience so make your boards & pins appealing to the eyes. Having different colors everywhere can be nauseating. MORE INFO

Choose a Strategy - - Consistency is Key

GUYS I know it can be time consuming, I try and pin a weeks worth at a time, takes about two hours (give or take, I do have a two year old and one year old following my every move!) but my goal is about 30-50 pins a day. Now this strategy isn't for everyone, I know some out there do 150 pins a day to stay current. Do what works with your schedule.

Choose a keyword that you want to rank high on in Pinterest’s search engine. Use that keyword in your profile, boards, pin descriptions, really push that keyword with a few direct pins from your site. Pins those direct pins to ALL the group boards bi weekly or more...

  • - Pin from various sources rather than one specific site or Pinterest account
  • - Repin images with the most number of repins, find easily in Tailwind
  • - Invite friends via your Pinterest home feed. Go to “Find Friends”.
  • - Follow Pinners from your competition.
  • - Follow individual boards based on keywords.
  • - Tweet pins.
  • - Share pins on Facebook.
  • - Email marketing: Promote more of your popular boards and pins.
  • - Which boards people are following? Pin more images on those boards.
  • - Reward your best followers.
  • - Track which days bring you the most followers & repins (track for at least four weeks by using a tool like Tailwind)
  • - Add the “Follow me on Pinterest” button/icon on all your social accounts.
  • - Add the “save” button on your website and blog.
  • - Add the Pinterest tab on your Facebook page
  • - Invest in Pinterest ads.

  • Check your Pinterest Analytics. Do more of what’s working.
  • Delete boards that have not performed well in the last six months.


    Phewwww.....that's a lot of information to take in. Wondering how you are going to have time for it all on a daily basis? Can't imagine taking on another social media platform?


    Let me be the one to increase your Pinterest traffic to your own site while you sit back and enjoy that glass of wine we talked about at the beginning, I WILL DO ALL THE WORK!

    Click here to learn more about the pinterest management services I have to offer...

    Hope this helps everyone stay on track daily with their pinterest profile, as always I am here to help! Comment below with any questions you may have.



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    Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing first to help you grow your Pinterest followers!



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