Pinterest Updates April 2018 - The Good, the Great, and The Even Greater News!

So Pinterest decided to do a big ol' update recently, spring cleaning if you will, and I thought I would go over some of the new features and best practices for the platform to keep your traffic increasing to your shop or blog! 

The Mix Pinterest New Pinterest Features


Buckle up this is a long one, grab your favorite beverage before we dive in!

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First up is probably one of my favorites...a new look to your Pinterest Profile.

You can see a ton of new features here. The new pins slanted at the top are pretty neat. You can select which board you would like displayed up there by hitting the pencil in the top right corner. Pictured below with my most recent pins...


Pinterest Profile New Updates The Mix


I chose my "The Mix" board to showcase at the top, with all my shop and blog post pins, also my pins that are relevant to my brand vibe.

There are some out there that don't think that it is important or necessary to take the time to brand your Pinterest profile but I am not one of those people. Building my brand across all platforms is important to me and with Pinterest being such a visual platform it is such a fun place to share my aesthetic for my followers to see while still sharing relative content. 

You can also see the number of viewers you reach. Mine says 2 million here. This number changes daily. It will reflect your previous day's numbers.


Pinterest Spring Update 2018 The Mix


You can also see recent activity on your site, what and where people are sharing your pins and content, this is always a good place to keep on eye on. 

Also is the "Tried" tab which showcases all your tried rich pins. This is another great way to showcase your content and see what others are saying about your items, products, recipes, etc... You can see here what pictures they have added to your pins and you can go back and reply to their comments now and also like them.

Pictured below is the new pin I created for this blog post, it's a rich pin. So it has the title pulled from the blog post title, has the first few sentences from the post as well. Also has the option to click "read more".... If there were comments you would see them there at the bottom of the pin, and that is where you would respond to comments. 


ALWAYS engage with your audience or followers whenever you can!


Rich Pins The Mix Pinterest


Next Pinterest brought back the Follower Tab. You can now click on the three little people icon to go directly to your follower feed and see what the latest pins are shared with the people that you follow. You can switch between the smart feed/home screen or the follower tab. 


The Mix Pinterst Rumor Confirmed


Which brings us to our next new feature or practice Pinterest added which was the first 5 pins of the day you share are the MOST important. This rumor has been floating around and it is true! These are the pins that they will show to your followers in the follower tab first. 


You will need to make sure when setting up your Tailwind queue to set the first 5 pins of the day to be your direct pins to your shop or blog.


Now the tricky part is to know when the "start of the day" is, it is considered with UTC time, international time, so since I am in California, my beginning of the day will be 5 pm PST. So I will have to make sure that I utilize my scheduler to help with this. (The map below is for springtime, so it does not take into consideration when the time changes, it's just for quick reference).


UTC Time with US Time Zones The Mix


Also, a key factor to remember is when your target market or audience is tuning in at 5:00? You may want to adjust your 5:00 schedule to reflect this. 

I will be making this apart of my new Pinterest strategy and I will be keeping track of my progress to see how it all plays out, it is a new feature so we shall see. If you are not familiar with Tailwind, now is an even better time to start scheduling your pins, I know I can't dedicate time at 5 pm every day to pin my most important pins. 


I wrote a 3 part blog series here, that will explain Tailwind if you need help. 


Another neat feature that has rolled out is the consistency of your comments/photo tries on all your pins directed towards the same URL.

So for example, you have a Spring salad recipe and you created 5 rich pins all from the same post from it. When one person leaves a comment on one pin it will carry over automatically to the other 4 pins as well from that same URL, pretty neat huh? It's all about consistency. 


4 Important key factors to keep in mind to rank well in the smart feed/search & new followers tab:

1. Content 

2. Image 

3. Seo Best Practices 

4. Hashtags 

The MOST important factor to rank well is your it fresh and new? Is it relevant to your followers? Does it solve a problem or offer a solution?

Is your image visually appealing? Lifestyle photos of products in action do well. Long vertical pins with text overlays do well too. As long as your pins have a ratio of 2 to 3 you should be ok.

600x900 is what I have been using most recently....

Pinterest is a search engine, which means SEO is VERY IMPORTANT. Find relevant keywords that match your pin and use them throughout your pin description. Use specific keywords and broad ones as well. 

For example - grey rugs for the living room (specific) and home decor (broad)...

Hashtags play an important role in being found as well. Use them the same as you would keywords. Use broad ones and specific ones. You can include up to 20 hashtags in each pin. You are only allowed 500 characters per pin so I always say write good copy with keywords and that usually leaves me room for a max of 5 hashtags. 

To learn how to find relevant keywords and hashtags check out this blog post. 

 13 NEw Must Know Tips for Pinterest The Mix

13 Must Know Tips and Tricks for Pinterest  

1. Consistency is KEY! Keep your pins scheduled daily. Avoid dropping all at once to avoid looking spammy. 

2. Do NOT delete old pins or pins that are not performing well. The may become popular again one day and be having some less grossing ones won't hurt you overall. 

3. Backlinks do not matter on Pinterest at all. 

4. Use keywords in your profile name and bio as well. 

5. When pinning brand new pins, pin them directly to YOUR most relative board first, not a group board. The information and data from the board, the title, and keywords from the description, will stay with the pin forever helping the smart feed know what its all about and who to share it with.

6. It DOES NOT matter what you name your images on your product pages or blog posts with, for Pinterest's' sake. 

7 Hidden images in blog posts are ok as long as they are relevant to the post directly. 

8. No benefit to manually pinning versus scheduled pinning. All pins are treated the same. (Why I use Tailwind here)

9. It is ok to pin the same pin and with the same image to the same board, as long as you spread it out at least a couple weeks and there is plenty of other content in between. 

10. Follower numbers do not matter that much. Just concentrate on good content and better seo practices for more efficient overall.

11. You do not need to delete pins that direct to a product that is no longer available, instead of on that product page direct your customers to a similar product or your collections. Still earns you traffic so no need to delete anything. (More info buyable pins here). 

12. You do not need to go back and edit pins that are under-performing with different keywords, instead create a brand new pin with new keywords and hashtags. 

13.  Monthly viewers are considered the same as a monthly reach. Keeping an eye on your Pinterest and google analytics is VERY important to know what is working and what is not. 


 The Mix Pinterest Updates New Features

Phewwww you made it to the bottom! 

I know this post is a lot to take in, lots of information. So if you take away one thing from it I would suggest concentrating on SEO for Pinterest. It will get you the most bang for your buck, drive the most traffic! 

Pinterest is going through a major update like this about once or twice a year. So its best to stay consistent and just keep pinning as much and as often as possible. 

 If you are feeling lost and need some help with more Pinterest basics and what some of these terms mean mentioned in the post please be sure to check out my 3 part blog series where I go over in detail more about each of major features Pinterest has to offer. To access those please click here... 

or as always if you can't fathom taking on another task or adding to your to-do list I am happy to help as well! Check out my resources here and see if my packages suit your needs! 

I am always here to help if you have any questions, just comment below your email me! 


Happy Spring! 


 Pinterest Spring Update 2018 The Mix














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