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Pinterest Communities

The new Pinterest Communities and exciting new features!

Attending the Pinterest in the Making Conference in June of this year Software Engineer, Maeson Churchill, and Product Managers, Austin Louden and Jeff Harris,  shared with us a BIG sneak peek of the new Pinterest Communities and the idea or concept behind it.

It's a new place for creators and pinners to come together, to collaborate and share their experiences.  A new kind of Facebook or Pinterest Group board. An interactive forum.


Pinterest Communities


One place to share your thoughts, experiences, comments, and more. 

One easy place right inside Pinterest that is easy to communicate with others in a thread forum back and forth.

An expansion of group boards, where you're commenting on one topic and with one main image. Instead of looking at a dozen images and commenting on all the images and sharing back and forth, like you would in group boards.


Pinterest Communities Launch 2018


Here are a few slides from the conference, sorry they are cell phone shots, the day was very fast paced and I snapped what I could real quick 🙈😊

He mentions some categories that he has created already like baking, vegetarian cooking, and women's fashion. All some fun great categories for the Pinterest pinners to engage in and chat about and share ideas and the latest trends about, 

The Pinterest spokesmen also mentioned many other exciting new things coming up for all of us I cueing new user insights, which we have already seen, new Pinterest Analytics (yay!), and even more defined and better visual search features, filtered even down to your skin tone 👏. 


Pinterest Communities Launch 2018


Of course like all things Pinterest, it’s a slow start, not everyone will get the same access as everyone else, and you wills att seeing new communities pop up here and there for each niche. 



To Get Started on Pinterest Communities 

FIRST, you must be invited into a community to get access to the feature alone, click below to join my community (general Pinterest info update related community for the sake of helping others get going with this fun new feature and to learn the ropes of all the upcoming updates and new items coming ahead). 


Click below to join


Make sure to comment when you are in so I can say hi and answer any questions you may have! 


Pinterest Communities The Mix Join



How to start your own Pinterest Community 

From the link above, when you are on the "Social Media Marketing" Community click the little back arrow button, pictured below. 


Pinterest Communities How to join THE MIX


Then it will take you to the main Pinterest Communities screen and the top right you can click on the "Create Comunity" button. 

Simply follow the prompts. The communities are set only public for now, they may become private in the future like group boards are now, and anyone that is apart of the community can add contributor or accounts to the community as well. 

In the edit tab, you can change the admin "ownership" as well as update the title and description. 

Please remember it is a new feature and there will be some glitches, it does take a couple times to upload your cover photo (no size indicated, sorry!) and it didn't have a character limit for the title or description, but remember to use your brand info and include your link. 


How to Access your Communities 

Simply find the tab on the top of your screen and click on it :)


Communities on Pinterest The Mix


How to Add Your Pins to your Pinterest Communities 

On your pin URL there will be a little button that says "Share To Community" and simply click on it and follow the prompts, it will ask you which community to share it too, and you can select from your community list....


How to pin to Pinterest Communities


Join the Pinterests' "Community" Group

Join the Pinterest community group to give your feedback on your experience and learn about all the latest news, info, tips, and tricks regarding communities. 

The thread is already filled with useful information....

Join here...


Here are some questions that I found were HELPFUL!


Pinterest Communities How to The Mix


Pinterest Communities How to The Mix


Pinterest Communities How to The Mix


Alright, about this helps some! I am quite the fan of Pinterest as a pinner and as a  Pinterest strategist so I am excited to see how communities will come into play in the next coming months. And to share more directly with my audience right there in the app. 



My twin sister ( Corey from @hudsonfarmhouse on the right) and I attended the conference, two country girls loose in the city of San Francisco, it was quite an adventure!

Corey also wrote a GREAT recap blog post of the ENTIRE conference that goes over in much more detail of all the announcements of the conference and more details of the fun day, click here to learn more.

Comment below if you have any questions! 

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