Tired Mamas and All Natural Remedies

Tired Mamas and Natural Remedies Essential Oils
Step One, Mix your ZYNG + Ningxia, drink up! Add a Nitro for an extra Boost! ( drink daily)....I drink 6 ounces of Ningxia a day! 
Zyng... Tastes delicious, has that little kick of energy, that bubbly fizz, that sweetness, but is missing the horrible colors, preservatives and artificial sweeteners of other products. Absolutely delicious mixed with your Ningxia Red. It's time. You deserve this change.
Nitro... Let's talk about Ningxia Red's cousin, Ningxia Nitro. Do you want mental alertness and a boost of energy? Do some research into the many health benefits of D-Ribose, the first ingredient in its proprietary energy blend. Perfect for the modern, busy life that needs an added boost. Rather than harming adrenal function like so many energy boosting drinks and supplements, this liquid rocket works to actually support the adrenal glands with its combination of oils and ingredients.
Step Two. Take Super B daily. ----> Super B and Ningxia are Game Changers. 
This amazing, energy-boosting, adrenal-supporting source of goodness may be just what you are looking for. A huge support for mood, cardiovascular health, and the brain, many find that a new level of function is possible when feeding their body with this folate (not folic acid) source of B complex, nutmeg, and minerals.
Step 3. Apply En-R-Gee as we tackle our day. 
Wake up with this blend made to support your adrenals and get you moving out of your ruts! Rub some over your lower back or give it a big sniff right before you set off to go about your day. 
- Apply Vetiver to the back of the neck to support your focus as you balance ALL THE THINGS! Also great when calming our minds and quieting our thoughts as we end our days.
Our favorite oil for calming, focus and rest. I use this on the back of my neck at night before I go to bed to still my mind so that I'm ready to shut down and sleep!
Step 4. End of the day? Rub tranquil on the bottom of your feet to help with true, RESTFUL sleep. Have you seen this testimony ? ----> Seriously, take note! 
Emotions. Release. Trust me, use this one. Every mama, everywhere needs this oil. 
- Release Essential Oil might is a top 5 favorite. Think suddenly you're dancing around singing, "Let It Go" in your best Elsa voice.
Lastly, have little ones that need calming down so you can actually hop in that bubble bath and put your feet up?
Peace and Calming is your friend! 
+ encourages deep relaxation
+ great support in your bedtime routines or to support overactive children
+ uplifting
+supports tension
OKAY LETS HEAR IT MAMAS! Do you use these for support? 
We give so much of ourselves day after day, we have to make sure we are supporting ourselves so we can give the best!
Excellent advice from Casey Leigh Weigand
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