Why I Said Goodbye to Instagram and Hello to Pinterest (First Post in Pinterest Blog Series)

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Why I Said Goodbye to Instagram and Hello to Pinterest

Who here posts and plans out their Instagram feeds daily? Stresses about low traffic and the new STUPID algorithm that has messed everything up?

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Instagram used to be a gold mine. I have it burned into my brain that I must post every single day, engage, and just keep chugging along. But why?

One day I find myself looking at my Etsy shop stats (one month) and a light bulb went off. See below where I get hardly any traffic from Instagram BUT get far more from Pinterest?!


Etsy Stats from OBS Instagram


7.8% from Instagram. Insert gasp. 89% from Pinterest.

I couldn't even tell you the last time I even looked at my business Pinterest account or paid any attention to it. But it's driving WAY more traffic to just one of my sites.

Goodbye Instagram. Farewell....Hellllooo Pinterest!

SO immediately I get to work. I research. Gather all the information I can and start tweaking things here and there. Do a brand overhaul and start watching all the magic happen.

In this post, I go into detail about what and why I started implementing a ton of new features and strategies into my Pinterest game. From target market to board descriptions follow along for all the key details to get your Pinterest profile to start driving traffic to your shop or site.

At the bottom I also include a FREE Pinterest Revamp checklist just for you, so you can get started today...

The Mix Pinterest Board Covers - Brand Mood


You know who your dream audience is on Pinterest don’t you?

Pinterest is dominated by women in their 30s with young families – a group that does the majority of the shopping.  In fact, 82% of people on Pinterest are female.

If your business targets females in fashion, food & drink, home décor, children,  or education then you’ll find them on Pinterest.

Once you know what your target market is you can start building a mood board for your profile to keep you on brand and track when pinning...


The Mix Mood Board Pinterest


The key here is to really stick with your brand and your target market, pinning cohesively will bring people to your profile, follow you and in return repin!

Click here for a free brand mood board template from Libby Co.

Create Boards Related to your Shop and Target Market

I have 18 boards including babies, maternity fashion, kids activities, and home decor. All directly related to what I sell in my shop. A good number of boards to aim for are 15-20 total (more is ideal but that's a great beginning number).


Create Board Covers

I used Adobe Photoshop but you can use other sites like canva and picmonkey...


  1. Creating custom Pinterest board covers helps to amplify your branding. When you include your colors and fonts that you use on your blog and other social media platforms, you become more recognizable to those who've seen your work previously.
  2. When you don't have custom Pinterest board covers, your profile can look too busy and even messy. By simply creating images for your board covers you can create an atmosphere that's calm, cool, and collected. Viewers are more likely to stick around and follow you if your profile is organized and easy to navigate. MORE INFO


Use the source link above for some help in creating board covers, it includes some great info.


Pinterest Profile BOard Covers The Mix

Maternity Fashion Board Cover for Pinterest- The Mix


Tips to Make This Process Smooth:

  • Simplicity is the best way to go for Pinterest board covers. If your design is too cluttered, it'll create a sense of chaos, not clarity. You want images that are bold and stick out immediately, not images that you have to study to figure out what they say.
  • When you first upload an image to Pinterest and save it as your new board cover, you may experience that the image doesn't show up right away. From what I have gathered so far, this is completely normal. It has happened to me each time I have changed my board cover photos and it's happened to other bloggers, as well. Simply refresh the page a few times. If that doesn't work, I typically ask a couple blog friends to check it out to see if everything's showing up for them. 
  • Set aside a few hours of your time to knocking this out, especially if you have more than 10 board covers to change. It is time consuming, but the end product is so worth it.

Update your Board Titles and Descriptions

Here is where you start diving into SEO and keywords. The fun stuff. Insert evil laugh here.

The more tedious, BORING, task. But also the most IMPORTANT!

To find relevant keywords use the Pinterest search bar, these are the most popular and will get you seen the most.

Pinterest Search BAr for Seo and KEyword Help the mix

Pinterest Search Results for KEyword Help and SEO The mIx

These are the words and phrases people on Pinterest most commonly search for when they ALSO search for your original term (in this case, “baby bedding”). AKA, they’re your new list of the perfect keywords to use on Pinterest, these keywords are VERY different than those on any other platform, so no rinsing and repeating here :)
The keywords are ranked in order of popularity from right to left, and you can click the arrow on the far right to see even more relevant terms (see picture above). You can also click on any rectangle to explore popular words and phrases related to that term.

Where To Put These Keywords on Pinterest
1. Your Business Name
2. Your bio
3. Your board titles
4. Your board descriptions
5. Your pin descriptions
6. The titles of your blog posts (because RICH PINS baby! more on that below) 



Just like over-doing it with one keyword in a blog post is bad for your website’s SEO, stuffing keywords on Pinterest is also a no-no. Instead, aim to write clear, fluent sentences, and incorporate keywords naturally and only where appropriate. MORE INFO



Revamp Your Profile - Overhaul it for the Good 

Revamp it using keywords where you can and include your logo or headshot. Remember to stay on brand here as well. Include all your links and connect your other social media platforms.


Rich Pins

Rich Pins provide more context for an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article. If these pertain to you start creating rich pins.

For me, I created product pins for The Mix. Product Pins make shopping easier. They include real-time pricing, availability and where to buy your product. Click the link for more info and how to set up. MORE INFO


Sign Up for Group Boards

Use pingroupie to help.

Find group boards that are relevant to your content and audience are active and good quality.

I tend to find group boards by checking out similar pinners to me, and scrolling through their boards to find relevant group boards with a decent (10k+) following.

Request an invite then start pinning to these boards making sure you read the group rules and post quality and relevant pins.  This will get you tons of exposure and help you build up your followers.

10 people from your group board re-pin your post > people who don’t follow you see your pin > 10 more people re-pin > You get 20 new followers > suddenly you’re in front of hundreds of people, all of whom can re-pin your item to their followers at any time = Your account grows > Your traffic grows>your SALES GROW!


Sign Up for Tailwind

Now is the time to accelerate your growthTailwind will speed things up for you and doing so free up more of your time.

This online tool will make you feel like a Pinterest genius!

It takes literally no time to master (because it's intuitive), and it does all the hard work for you.  Giving you useful data to help you discover what works and what doesn’t. STATS are important so you know where you are wasting your time and where you should be dedicating it to. Let's you also know which Group Boards are good for you, driving traffic, and which group boards are not. Total time saver. 

It let's you pin the same pin to multiple boards, spread out over time, so you don't clog your feed with the same pin. But that pin will drive traffic to your site from a few different sources.

For example, I will pin these cactus signs on multiple boards some of my own boards and all the group boards they pertain to..

Tailwind Boards Pinterest The Mix

Ever wondered how on earth the pro’s on Pinterest manage to pin all day long?

Tailwinds’ weekly pinning schedule let's you schedule hundreds of pins with a few simple clicks, Could it get any better?

Yup. It even suggests when the best time to pin is, based on how much engagement your pins are already getting! So it's tailored to your profile.


Pin dozens of pins instantly from one page. Easy peasy!



 Fill Boards with New Pins

Pin 40-50 times a day - - YES it seems like a lot but if you use tailwind and schedule on a bi-weekly basis it won't be so daunting.

Remember, the same rule applies to Pinterest as any other social platform: Always stick to the 20:80 rule.  Pin 20% your own content and 80% others’ great pins.  Stick to a mix of related topics and always check that your pins link through to genuinely great content (dead links will not please your followers).

MAKE SURE THEY ARE ALL TRUE TO YOUR BRAND. Use your mood board for easy reference.


Update ALL your Pin Descriptions

Put those keywords to great use in your pin descriptions. This is time-consuming yes. But anything SEO related usually is and is extremely important. Your pin descriptions should use all 500 characters available .

Great copy = Great Sales

Start small. Do a few pin descriptions a day if need be. Start with the pins for your best sellers that you want the most interaction on. just keep working on them.


Remember SEO takes time. Work now for the pay off in the future. Which leads into our next topic....


Each pin should have 3-8 keywords and 2-5 hashtags...just like writing your product descriptions, start with an intriguing intro that draws your ideal target market customer or avatar in then describe the item or offer a little more...



Record your stats from the beginning. Track them for the first few weeks and see what is working and what is not working. Then continue on a monthly basis. From your Pinterest profile you can click on the Pinterest analytics section for a good break down of your stats. Learn them. Live them. Breathe them. Learn what drives traffic and duplicate that.

After one week of launching my new revamped profile, up over 100%!


Pinerest Stats The Mix

Pinterest Stats the mix

On those days that dipped I wasn't pinning as many pins as I was the other days...


My Strategy

My budget only allows for the $15 tailwind monthly plan. So I can schedule about 1000 pins using that platform. So that's an average is about 40ish pins a day.

I schedule out by pins about twice a month, thank goodness for the ease of Tailwind for this task. I have more time now to concentrate on other things now and I am forever grateful! 

I use the Pin Inspecter tab in Tailwind to fins my top performing pins and repin to all relevant boards from there. 

I pin all my direct pins to my website, or my rich pins, in ALL my group boards and Tailwind Tribes. I rotate them to all pin about once a month on each board/tribe. 

I try to add about a dozen new pins a month. Whether that's new products (rich pins) or new blog post images. 



My Stats Conversion One Week after Revamp

Below is my pinterst stats after one week...

One Week Conversion Stats The Mix


Here are my shopify stats after one week..


The Mix Stats

The mIx Stats


One week guys, so pleased! I will come back after one month and update as well... 

Find the update here...


A Good Place for Profile Inspiration When You Get Stuck

Look at your competitors.

  • What does their profile photo look like?
  • What keywords are they using in their name and description?
  • Do they have a call-to-action in their description?
  • Who are they following?
  • Who’s following them?
  • What board topics have they created?
  • What group boards have they joined?

The Mix Printable Pinterest Checklist Worksheet for Profile Revamp


Here is the printable checklist that I promised!


Pinterest Profile Revamp The Mix

Right click to save or print...or click here....


Hope this checklist helps your ROCK pinterest and starts driving more traffic to your site!


The Mix Pinterest Profile


Does this all feel a little overwhelming?

You have NO CLUE how you could possibly handle setting up another social media platform?

Well don't fret, I can help!

Click here, I can help you revamp your profile in no time. Get SEO set up and started working for you now. Start building your traffic today. Pinterest is the biggest platform out there and YOU NEED it to help you make those sales, right now.


Include your links below in the comments when you are down revamping so I can cheer you on! And please let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help.



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   Pinterest Stats Check In/Follow Up

Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing first to help you grow your Pinterest followers!



Some sources I found in my research that helped me...

Why You Suck at Pinterest

Is Pinterest Right for My Business

How to Create Pinterest Images





Wow, this is all so helpful! I’ve been meaning to create Pinterest board covers for a while. I’ll definitely make time for it this week. Thanks for your tips!

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Michelle Stelly

I feel exactly like this! This past month I was have gotten 2 clicks from instagram!!!! And I have 2,800 followers on Instagram. On Pinterest I have 200 followers and have gotten a ton more clicks!!! Im all about pinterest now.

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I’m making it a point to be more into Pinterest rather than Instagram, this is perfect!

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