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10 Topics You Should Be Writing About and The Keywords to Go with Them!

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Ever wonder what the heck you should write about next for your blog?

Scratching your head again on what your readers are actually searching for?! 

Maybe you are stuck on your next blog topic or you just can't seem to figure out the material you want to research and really dive into next. 

And even more so, you don't know which one is worth your time. 

Let me help you! 

I can help determine for you the top 10 blog posts that will drive traffic to your shop/blog and have the most impact. I will help you with the long tail keywords to optimize the content for these topics as well so Google can see your site as an authority on these topics, increasing your page views and sessions.  

I use data from your site, stats from your niche, and research from your competition all together to determine what is the best content to drive traffic your way. 

I will use this data to determine the best keywords for you to use throughout your blog posts that you are most likely to rank for organic searches.  


Included in the Blog Topic Package:

- 10 Blog topics 

- 10 Long Tail Keywords for each of the blog topics listed 


Turn around time is 1-2 weeks (usually much quicker, unless it's my busy season!).

This package is PERFECT for e-commerce stores as well! 

Blog posts are a sure fire way to drive extra traffic and eyes to your website and shop. You can always link back to your products throughout your blog posts and drive people to your collections as well. It's a big traffic opportunity a lot of people miss out on! 

 Want to know how your website or blog ranks on a scale of 0-100?! Does Google like your site and want to send traffic your way?! Click here to find out!