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SEO Website Audit Report

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Remember your grade school days when everything was graded on a scale from A to F?! 

Well, what if I told you I can grade your website or e-commerce site based on this same scoring scale and let you know how your website scores for search results on Google and other search engine platforms. 

I can let you know how your site is doing and whether or not people are able to find you organically from search, if your website is mobile friendly, if your page loads too slow, etc.

So many factors go into building a great website that Google can trust, all so it will send more traffic your way.


And TRUST ME, get SEO right on your website and organic search can bring more traffic to your site than any social media platform can, YUP!


Once we have determined your score, whether it be good or poor, I can help layout for you the factors that go into fixing your score on a small scale and a large scale. 

Some items are easy and can be done with a little work on your end...

Some may require some tedious work and some research, or you can always purchase the SEO package here, and not worry about it at all :)

Either way, let's see where your site lands and see where there is room for improvement! 


SEO Audit Report Includes Info On:


- Headlines

- Meta Description

- Keywords (consistency, ranking)

- Alt Attributes

- Link Info (in page links, broken links, backlinks)

- Mobile readiness

- Usability (including favicon, 404 errors, assets, etc)

- And more! 


 Turnaround time is 1 -2 weeks (usually quicker unless it's my busy season!)


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