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Want to expand your business from just Etsy?

Maybe looking to get in front of those millions of people on Amazon?

Tired of paying all the different platform fees and want to just have your own site and rake in all the dough??

Don't get stuck on just one platform, putting all your eggs in one basket, it can be dangerous.

Take the leap, I am here to help! Power up your brand for the world to see and turbo charge your traffic. 

Lets build a website!

This is for any e-commerce entrepreneur who currently has an existing business on Etsy, Wix, Ebay, Amazon or other marketplaces and is ready to make a new home on the web with their own powerful e-commerce website.  I will explore your existing brand and turn your vision into a beautiful easy to manage website using the innovative platform either on Shopify, or I can help you set up an Amazon site (handmade or regular) to get your items in front of the millions of Amazon users. 

Let me set up a brand new website/shop for you, take away all the stress, coding, research, worry, etc out of the entire process. I am an experienced Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify seller and want you be successful on these platforms too. Building your brand and pressence is the investment your company needs. 

To get started there are three types of packages, all listed in detail below, for all types of businesses, new or old, small or big. I am here to help! 

Package Number 1 - Small Package

Help design/create all the graphics, copy, and pertinent info in getting your website established. Build your shop theme around your brand aesthetic and promote your call to action for your specific niche or audience. (some additional fees may occur, i.e. if you wish to purchase a specific shopify theme, specific domain name, etc...) 

- Picking appropriate free theme (unless one is supplied)

- Site set-up

- Header/Slideshow image (high resolution photos required)

- Customize to your existing brand: (logo, brand colors)

- Up to 3 standard site pages (About, Shipping, Contact Us)

- Set-up up to 3 non-standard pages (Blog, Press, Gallery, Customer Quotes, Giving Back)

Package Number 2 -  Medium Package

All items from Package Number 1 and also setting up your collections and 25 listings. Including titles, tags, descriptions, seo, photos, etc...

- Adding up to 25 products or 1 CSV product file (ie. Etsy import) 

- Setting up to 5 collections

Package Number 3 - Large Package

Items from both packages above, also include 50 listings (25 additional), app implication/set up (email marketing, email sign up, wholesale, referral, reward programs, etc). New graphic pack to go with your new site, to share on all social media platforms. Create your first two blog posts to get you started. 

 - Apps

- Graphic Pack

- Blog Posts

- 25 Additional Listings

Also available is listing add-ons (10 listings for each single add-on) 

Add on listings include titles, descriptions, tags, seo/keywords, meta, etc....if photos are supplied I can upload them as well.

Add-ons can be purchased by themselves, if you are just needing help adding a listing to another platform, like from Etsy to Amazon Handmade, I can help! 


To be a client of mine for these packages I do require that you have an established brand atheistic. A logo, brand colors, font, etc... (if you do not have these established for your company, please message me and I would be happy to help you get started...)

You are responsible for getting your products uploaded to your new platform (fees may apply) and is not apart of the design services (if purchasing the website design services packages). If adding products to Shopify there are apps that can do so easily, and Amazon and other platforms let you upload via CSV forms... 

Please remember there are fees associated with each of these platforms that are not a part of my package prices...monthly fees, app fees, domain fees, etc (please message me if you need help with these fees).  

Turnaround time is 6 to 8 weeks with weekly updates (turnaround time begins once design files are received). 

Once purchased please email me at to get started. I will need all your branding info, pictures (must be high resolution to be included on your website), fonts, colors, moodboard, etc. Turnaround time will not begin until this email is received and confirmed, also working hours are Monday to Friday 8-5.